Capital Ready Blueprint

We work with established businesses to review their current state, assess their ability to scale, and provide a blueprint of recommended next steps towards sustainable, strategic business growth.

Our blueprint process includes:

A half or full day needs analysis with the owner(s) of an established business, where we dive into the details and ask questions about their customers, processes, numbers, and current talent structure.

A customized blueprint outlining the current barriers and new opportunities for business growth, as well as the actions needed to thrive.

A debrief meeting with the business owner(s) on recommended next steps for the business to undertake.

Capital Ready Consulting Services

We offer strategic consulting services to established businesses in two core areas:

Human capital strategies

We help companies assess their current structure, and develop a talent plan to support growth opportunities.

Financial capital strategies

We help companies discover new opportunities for growth today and over the long term. This may include advising businesses on how to approach a bank or an investor for financing, providing guidance on the required information, and coaching to increase their confidence.

We also offer strategic consulting to financial institutions to help them develop the right language, approach and insights, resulting in more meaningful connections and better conversations with women entrepreneurs.